Tirupati Sugars Ltd., Bagha, Bihar

About Yadu Corporation

Deepak Yadav is the Chairman of Yadu Corporation, which is a young group of multiple companies. Yadu Corporation has interests in the field of power generation, sugar, distillation, beverages, software & InfoTech, real estate, hospitality, education etc. and more. After graduating in Engineering (B.Tech., Mechanical) from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra with top percentile, he went on for his M.S. in finance (UK) and finally became a Harvard Business School Alumni in 2010. In year 2000, he established Yadu Corporation in initial years by taking over sick/bankrupt companies, factories and projects under it. The shareholder’s wealth and value present in the Yadu Corp. today, has been created by turning around sick Companies. Under his leadership, his (skilled) team has today become experts in takeover and turnaround of sick/bankrupt companies in their domain. The group is now establishing a renewable & non-conventional power utility portfolio, which is a new thrust area within the group. The latest focus of the corporation now however is on Start-ups & Incubation of new and up coming ideas and companies led by next generation innovative entrepreneurs.
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2 Responses to Tirupati Sugars Ltd., Bagha, Bihar

  1. vivek pandey. says:

    I need 30 ton suger

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